Activists, poets, robber-talk lyricists, conservationists, politicians, trees, fish and everyday peeps, i created this at a moment when the T and T state was spending somewhere between TT$200 000 000 and $500 000 000 (yep, millions) on hosting CHOGM, the Commonwealth Heads of Govt meeting…at the same time when we – that is, ALL of us, really needed to get our act together on the Copenhagen conservation and climate change commitments…nuf said.

Pollsters, Peeps, Culture Jammers, Trinbagonians, Jokers and Unc Patos,

Peeps, Sistren, Friends, Satirists, Activists, Trinbagonians and Unc Patos,

This is the Intro to my new vlog (video blog) where I put my frustrations at our political leadership and my dreams for change to the airwaves or should I say the webwaves….

Send your comments, critiques, support and suggestions for ideas and improvements…