This is me. Caribbean. Feminist, activist, poet, academic, educator,  T-shirt graffiti artist.

Trying to balance on my raft, woven with the values that make me a good person. Carrying whatever home means, wherever I go. Stretching ghost wings like a candle flame reaching to the sun. Following the moon, especially new moon, half moon and full moon.

I have much to say, but much more still to read and much much more to get out and do. I’m learning along the way. This is a space to document, log and share my work, from essays to images to my video blog. It’s a space to find support, critical commentry and community.

Grrlscene on Your Screen features photos and visual experiments.

I Spy contains copies of published and unpublished Letters to the Editor and other popular press political, economic, environmental and feminist writings (one could say ravings? rantings?).

‘If I was Prime Minister of Trinidad and Tobago’ links you to my new Republic of Trinidad and Tobago video blog, ‘If I was Prime Minister…’.

Inner Sanctum is a more secret space for personal thoughts, experiences and reflections. Here you will also find my poetry.

Plantation Perspectives offers published scholarly articles and chapters.

World Hold On! connects you to activist and feminist work past and present. Its a space for me to archive and upload media clippings etc.

Your Voice Your Vote Your Veto gives me a chance to add writings, clippings and other examples of work by national, regional and international activists, particularly environmental, feminist, anti-violence, anti-war, pro-art social movements.

Momentous trivialities: Diary of a mothering worker is a space for me to reflect on work-family/ family-work balancing

4 Responses to “Souldeya”

  1. Alim Says:

    Have you seen this on Syed Abdul Aziz (ra)


  2. Jennifer Butler Basile Says:

    I’ve thoroughly enjoyed exploring your blog and linked to it on my own. Thanks for the beautiful writing!

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  3. redforgender Says:

    Keep up the good blogging! It’s refreshing to hear another Caribbean feminist voice in the blogosphere!

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  4. May Says:

    Hi there-
    I just came across your blog, which really resonates for me as an academic, activist and mother of three. I wondered if you had yet encountered the Motherhood Initiative for Research and Community Involvement (MIRCI)? They host several conferences a year and I think you might enjoy them– they’re incredibly supportive feminist spaces. In particular, they have a conference this year in Christ Church, for which I am attaching the CFP:

    Click to access barbadoscfp.pdf

    Cheers– good luck with all of it.

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