My Grrls and My Peeps, Trinidad and Tobago Politicians, Citizens of the World and Political Leaders Near and Far,

I started this blog because I was fed up with thinking of the things I would do that were not being done.

Sometimes everyday, sometimes more than once a day, I’d be walking, driving, watching people or tv, and hearing stories of people’s lives and difficulties and I would think that there must be alternatives and ideas and analysis – and imagination.

I’d imagine the world differently. Local government budgets planned differently, bicycle paths, trees along highways, bigger budgets for NGOs, new buildings that didn’t waste water or rely wholly on air conditioning, politicians that took public taxis once a month….I made lists so long that I forgot some of the details, some of the changes and I found myself returning full circle to others, remembering with frustration that I had had that thought many times before.

I wanted to be PM since I was a kid. I was writing letters to George Chambers when I was 11. I always thought I would end up in politics. I still wish I could spend some time as an Independent Senator, just for the experience. I have a whole newsletter done plan for if it ever happens. A one-pager, double sided for farmers, workers, women and kids to tell them what happened that week in the House and one two suggestions for how they could demand it function as their home.

A few years ago, I decided I couldn’t deal with the compromises, the leader loyalty, the deceptions, the hierarchy. Party politics is a snake pit and its dominated by men I’d probably disagree with on some serious non-negotiables – at least for me. Doh feel is only de men, is de women too – just is the men who dominate numerically is all. Take a look at a Caribbean Heads of Government meeting….not a single woman running tings…so really, when I say I speaking to men, it’s because of an empirical reality not because I think women would do things all warm and fuzzy.

I decided instead to focus on building movements – because no progressive change happens and is protected without progressive social movements. Nonetheless, we all know that the state has the power to institute change and what goes on there matters. And this state needs to up its game.

I started this blog because our Prime Minister, and not just this one, leaves me unimpressed. My boy Manning, well, he’s not the kind of leader I would emulate. He’s arrogant and short sighted and worst of all, very very old school. Old century. Let me be real, he’s from the last millennium. His words, decisions, approaches to leadership, mode of policy making, excessive spending and unsustainable plans for both renewable and non-renewable resources leave me wondering why he hasn’t realised he doesn’t have the answers – all of them, for all time, for all generations.

I have these fantasies – all too often – of going into his office and just saying, seriously guy, explain this to me. Because this decision, this is real f**kry. I wouldn’t cuss de man, I mean he knows my family, but I might drop some low blow about only people smoking high grade could think this decision is a good one. I’d leave his office knowing, if nothing else, that he knew that there is a whole generation out here that is well educated, well read, capable, thinking differently from him and not easily fooled.

He have to come good to impress me. Right now, he needs to come better. He’s the Emperor wearing no clothes and thinking he’s strutting in finery. I’m the kid not buying into the story. I’m willing to tell him he’s walking around naked even if others tell him that he’s de dan dada with the sweet threads. So, PM, this blog is for you too. Listen up.

People, I don’t like Basdeo Panday either. He’s another leader who I simply would not follow. De man jes rude and disrespectful to everybody. Let’s face it, he doesn’t do democracy. And I do. So, don’t feel that I’m partisan. I’m an equal opportunity hard to impress woman citizen. Plus, office, money and title mean nothing to me. So, doh feel ethnicity, class, gender, PNM, COP or UNC enabling anyone to get off easily.

If you have ideas, things you would do differently if you were PM, send me your alternatives, your vision, your policy positions, your bugetary allocations….I’ll add them in….because many of us out there know T n T could be real different if we only looked around and actually saw the reality and the failed basics – and knew next time the old way would be left behind for a new way that could benefit us, the next generation and seven generations more. This was Lloyd Best’s enduring lesson to me: Open your eyes, look around at how things work, why they work the ways they do, and the necessary solutions will spring with every morning dew.

This could be us, governors of the dew.

Manning is thinking is 20 and 30 year terms. Me, I’m thinking in 50 year, 70 year and 500 year terms. Governance is about making our dreams our destiny. Maybe if I say it, it might actually happen.

Tune in. I’m expressing. I’m experimenting. I’m editing. Well, Lyndon ‘Stonez’ Livingstone is editing. Let me shout him out now. And, dats Johnny ‘Sexy Guitar Man’ Hosein wilding up the national anthem. Big up to him. He tell me, anything to send a message to Manning. This blog is because I agree.

Upfull and right vibes,


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Bless up your thoughts, feelings and feedback!

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