Feminist Conversations on Caribbean Life

not promoting in anyways the killing of women but if some of wunna hot pussy whores keep wunna foot shut might b living now

A former schoolmate of mine has posted his wisdom on how women in Barbados can avoid being murdered by former or current intimate partners.

Another woman has been killed.  A 22 year-old who loved her family, her two year-old daughter, whose baby sister just became a mom.  A mothering worker like so many other Caribbean women who supported her family while furthering her education. And who loved make-up.  A complex woman like all women.  A woman with a right to be. A right to a good life. Her name is Krystal.  A name chosen with much love and care.

We continue to fail women.  We continue to offer excuses and justifications for their murders.

She had a new man.

She mussee tek de man money.


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